1. (Judeo-Christian tradition) The one who is ordained by God to lead the people of Israel, believed by Christians to be Jesus Christ.
  2. An extremely powerful divine figure.

7 letters in word "messiah": A E H I M S S.

Anagrams of messiah:

Words found within messiah:

ae ah ahem ahs ai aim aims ais am ami amie amies amis amises amiss as ash ashes ass ea eas eh ehs em ems es ess ha hae haem haems haes ham hame hames hams has he hem hems hes hi hie hiems hies him hims his hiss hm is ish ishes ism isms ma mae maes maise maises mas mase mases mash mashes mashie mass masse me mes mesa mesas mesh mess mi mis mise mises miss missa missae sae sai saim saims sais sam same sames sash sea seam seams seas sei seis seism semi semis sh sha sham shame shames shams she shea sheas shes shies shim shims si sim sima simas sims sis sma smash ssh

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